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Locking Residential Automatic Door Opener Kit

Locking Automatic Door Opener Kit includes Power Access 2300 opener, keyless keypad control, wireless controls and electric strike for cylindrical locks.

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Power Access 2300

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The POWER ACCESS® Model 2300 is an automatic door opener designed for opening and closing side hinged residential doors - both exterior and interior. Complete kit to assist disabled individuals toward independence, the 2300 residential door opener makes access by opening the door, and egress by closing the door easier. It is simple and unique in design and is not intended for heavier duty commercial situations. The unit consists of a 115 volt gear motor, friction clutch and electronics that is feature packed including a radio receiver as well as a transformer capable of providing "one shot" 24vdc power to release an electric strike (lock).

Additional Wall Switches, Remote Controls & Keyless Entry Options available, see below.

Kit Includes:
  • Power Door Opener Unit, 2300 Model
  • Keypad Entry System (4473S Keyless Kedpad Control)
  • Choice of one Wireless Remote (4440T Single Button Transmitter or 4440TK Pendant Type Transmitter)
  • Choice of one Wall Switch or one Air Switch Controller (Sip or Puff)
  • Electric Door Lock (24VDC Electric Strike) for Wood or Metal Frames, Cylindrical Lock
  • 9 FT Power Cord with 115-Volt Plug
  • Installation Hardware and Instructions
Door Mount:
The POWER ACCESS® Model 2300 can be retrofitted to most residential side hinged doors for power opening and power closing - or the door can be opened and closed manually. The model 2300 unit can be door mounted on the pull side of the door (right or left) with the arm attached to the top of the doorframe. This door mount application will meet most of the front door situations where the door opens in and the door opener is protected from the outside weather. The minimum back clearance requirement from the face of the back of the door is 3 inches. The arm assembly consists of a friction clutch arm that is attached to the motor shaft and the other end to an adjustable threaded regular forearm that in turn connects to the doorframe by means of an adjustable shoe.
Jamb Mount*, (recommended for interior doors only):
The POWER ACCESS® Model 2300 can also be jamb mounted to the top of the wall above the door frame on the push side of the opening (not on the pull side) with the motor shaft facing down and the shoe of the adjustable forearm extension attached to the door by means of the shoe. The arm for the jamb mount application requires an extended forearm, which has a longer threaded portion with lock nut to meet deeper reveals (up to 7"). If a unit is ordered for jamb mount it will come with the longer forearm extension.
Determining the Door "Hand"
The hand is always determined by standing on the "push" side of the door and observing on which side of the door the hinges are located - a door with hinges on the right requires the right hand configuration - door with hinges on the left requires the left hand configuration. Door mount models are also handed from the push side of the door even though the unit is installed on the pull side.
The basic model 2300 will cover the following four applications:
2300DR right hand door mount on pull side of the door
2300DL left hand door mount on pull side of the door
2300JR right hand jamb mount (above the door) on push side *
2300JL left hand jamb mount (above the door) on push side *
*The jamb mount model cannot be mounted to the side jamb or on the pull side of the door. Also it is not recommended that the 2300 jamb mount unit be used on an out swinging exterior door because the external forces might cause the door to drift closed when not under power.

  • The door can always be opened manually from either side (although a key may be required)
  • If the door meets an obstruction during the opening cycle, the friction clutch will slip, timeout and close
  • Thermally protected drive motor
  • Adjustable door hold-open time from 0 to 30 seconds, or hold-open that requires a signal to close
  • Auto close feature
  • Many built in logic features (for example, door can be opened manually and close automatically)
  • Physical application: Jamb mount or door mount.
  • Power: Requires 115vac 60hz 3 amp service to receptacle box within 8' to 9' of installation
  • Material/Finish: Painted welded steel frame, ABS plastic housing
  • Motor: 115vac 60hz permanent split capacitor, thermally protected  
  • Activation: Touch plate, push button, push plate, radio transmitter, mats, or any momentary dry contact signal
  • Installation: Interior installation to protect from weather and temperatures
  • Dimensions: 12-3/4" x 6" x 3-1/2"
  • Weight: 10 pounds
Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Purchase Locking Residential Automatic Door Opener Kit

  • SKU: 100TL-700P1
  • Mount: Door Mount; Jamb Mount
  • Door Hand: Left Handed; Right Handed
  • Remote Control: 4440T Single Button; 4440TK Pendant
  • Wireless Control: 4495SQ Wall Switch; 4455P Puff Control; 4455S Sip Control

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Power Access 2300 Residential Automatic Door Opener Kit Residential Automatic Door Opener Kit   Automatic Door Opener Kit includes Power Access 2300 opener and wireless controls for movement through the interior of home.

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